The New York Obesity Nutrition Research Center


Sleep Study for 21-45 y old women

  • Compensation up to $450

We are currently looking for healthy, slightly overweight women, age 21-45 years, to participate in a sleep study. The purpose of this study is to examine the link between sleep duration and body weight. For this study, we are looking for women of average weight who are generally healthy and weight stable.

This is a 2-phase, inpatient study. You just be willing to stay at the research center for 2 periods of 4 consecutive days to participate and must regularly sleep at least 7-8.5 hours/night.

Benefits of participation include:

  • Finding out what your metabolic rate is
  • Obtaining information about your own energy expenditure at rest and after a meal (you will know how many calories you burn each day)
  • Compensation up to $450 for completion of the study

For more information, call (212) 523-1602 or contact us by email at with basic information (age, height, and weight).

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