The New York Obesity Nutrition Research Center

The New York Obesity Research Center
Weight Loss Program

The New York Obesity Research Center is pleased to present our outpatient Weight Loss Program.

Our Program Features:
  • Medically supervised, hospital-based weight loss.
  • 52-week weight loss groups for adults who have more than 50 pounds to lose.
  • All of our weight loss groups are led by a team of weight loss experts, including a Behavior Therapist, Registered Dietitian, and Exercise Physiologist.
  • Our weight loss groups are closed, which means you’ll work with the same group members for 52 weeks. That means consistent support for losing weight. NO OTHER NEW YORK CITY WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM offers that level of support.
  • Weight maintenance program after the initial 52 weeks is available for follow-up and keeping your weight off, or losing more if you desire.
  • We’re research-based and federally funded. No other New York City weight loss program does as much research as our center does.
  • Bariatric physicians and endocrinologists available for hormonal and metabolic testing.
  • Questionnaires to complete before you start the weight loss program to assist our weight loss experts learn more about how you lose weight and predict obstacles to your weight loss.
  • Our body composition lab is the finest and most respected in the world. Resting metabolic rate, bone density, and body fat percent testing (bioelectrical impedance, Bod-Pod, underwater weighing – hydrostatic weighing, DXA, and 3-D body scanning), are all available.

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