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GUT FEELINGS ABOUT FOOD? Learn how you absorb food after Gastric Bypass Surgery

Study Type

Absorption of food in the gut after weight loss surgery

(IRB#: 09-037, approval date: 6/4/2009)

Study Purpose

To study how gastric bypass surgery affects the way the body absorbs and breaks down food.  

Study Design

  • 2 half day research visits

Study Qualifications

  • Anyone having Gastric Bypass Surgery
  • Between 21 and 60 years old
  • With or without type 2 diabetes
  • All ethic groups welcome

Study Duration

2 half-day visits before your surgery and again 6 to 18 months after surgery

Study Benefits

You will learn more about how your body absorbs and breaks down food, and how this process is affected by bariatric surgery.

You will receive up to $350 in monetary compensation for your time.

Study Contact

Interested? Please call 212-523-3581 or email

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